If All Coronavirus Patients Are Not Healed After I Pray For Them, Hang Me To Death – Nigerian Pastor Says

Coronavirus patients will heal if I pray for them

Dr Goodheart Val Aloysius, a popular Prophet based in Calabar, Nigeria. During this pandemic, he has asked the Federal Government to gather all persons infected with the deadly Coronavirus in an isolation center on or before Monday, 13th of April, 2020, in Lagos for miraculous healing by prayer.

He made this statement on his Facebook account on Friday. Aloysius, who is the Metropolitan Senior Pastor of Father’s House Int’l Church, also declared to the Federal Government to hang him if after praying and the Coronavirus patients are not healed.

Dr Goodheart Val Aloysius a.k.a My Father My Father! is my name. The Metropolitan Senior Pastor of Father’s House International Churches in Calabar, Nigeria said;

“I plead with Mr president through the minister of health to as a matter of urgency gather all who tested positive to COVID-19 in an isolated center in Lagos state I want to come over to Lagos and heal all in the name ofJesus.

“Mr president sir Jesus is the only answer to this pandemic not doctors from China or what so ever. If all who tested positive to COVID-19 do not receive healing by the miraculous power of God after my prayers let me be Hung to death by the federal government of Nigeria. I need to under take this Assignment on Easter Monday.

“Share until this gets to the authorities in charge of COVID-19…”

See his post below:

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