If My Husband Doesn’t Smell My Pant, His Manhood Will Never Come Up

woman crying

A 27 years old Nigerian lady who disclosed her identity has come out to share her horrible story of how her boyfriend sniff her pant whenever they want to have s*x and if she said no to any sniffing, the guy would just put on his boxer and sleep off because his manhood will never come up.

However, she has confessed this in a Mail where she begged her identity should not be disclosed.

Why should someone smell a Pant before his Manhood can get Erected? I don’t think this is normal at all. Only if you know what goes down or gets dripped every seconds in the female private part, smelling or sucking a woman private part is something you will never ever try in your life.

Do you think this issue is normal? What do you think she can do to stop this unbelievable, shameful and disgusting Madness? Please drop your Advice for this lady by commenting on this. Thank You.

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