If You An African and You Can Do These Four Things, You Can Never Be Poor In Life

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things to do to stop poverty

Average of Africans and the globe at large are facing financial challenges, majority of these people work hard, some of them worked around the clock, which means they worked two to three places to ensure bills are been paid at due time. Still they couldn’t meet up, Some of them blamed government for not providing jobs opportunities for them as citizens, some blame their parents for their conditions, some blamed their working place, some also blamed their partners, but they forget to blame their self.

Stop blaming people around you today. Below are the steps you can take if you want to succeed in life and live Happily;

1. Work Hard
working hard is not a crime, learn how to use your wisdom, knowledge to think hard, create an options in your diary, on how to succeed, it’s a race, if you are working in an office think what to do to brings difference, don’t follow others pattern, let your employers know if you leave the company there would be a problems because you are problems solver.

If you own a business open your office early, let your customers know you are serious, think of how you can serve them better. Nothing makes a man great like self motivation, you worked perfectly no complained surely there would be recommendation. Don’t say my customer’s don’t comes early, if you come early they will join you.

2. Learn How to Say No For Expenses
You will never be great or rich If your answer to expenses is always yes. Because any money that goes out without investment is gone forever, forget about the value of that things you want to buy, but considered inconveniences that little money will cause you in the future.

Whatever is not in the budget should wait, learn how to organise your needs. The more you understand that say no to expenses create more wealth, and the more you arrange your needs the more richer you become.

3. Be Time Conscious
Many missed golden opportunity which may turn their stories around due to failure to meet up with the time, keeps time and promises. if it’s not convince for you tell the other party and adjust the time together, it will make you a unique person.

You want riches? Then time is one of the agents. Don’t say it’s my business, it’s matter of time you invested in the business that add to the lives spam of the business. Neglecting time means you automatically neglect wealth and abundances.

4. Be Honest to People and Yourself
Many people deceived themselves and others. Let me tell you this, genuine prosperity hate deceiving. But like politics, everything in prosperity is based on the game. Be honest to people, some may not tell you, but they know you are lying, if they find honest person in the business you are gone. Tell the people the truth, if they go don’t worry they will come back to you cause no difference or they could not get the truthful person.


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