If You Are 30 Years Old and Above, You Must Never Eat These Foods Again

foods you must not eat at 30

Once you turn 30 your body becomes less tolerable to junk food. You may have noticed a lack of interest in certain foods that you once cherished. The risk of developing certain diseases also increases at this age. Watching your diet will play a great role in your health. Below foods are foods you should never eat once you turn 30;

1. Flavoured Yogurt
The sugar in flavoured varieties is much more than you can imagine. Each serving contains as much as 47grams in it, it is recommended that men should have an intake of 38 grams of sugar a day and women should have 25 grams. Most of the flavoured yoghurts contain artificial flavouring.

2. Avoid Using Straws
This may seem petty but straws cause wrinkles to appear around your mouth because of the pursing motion being used to suck up fluid. It is also good to note that after turning the age of 25 the collagen in our skin breaks down hence the wrinkles after repetitive action.

3. Soy
It is assumed that soy is good for your health, but in reality, it is genetically modified meaning we do not understand what it contains. Soy tends to cause inflammation and therefore interfere with thyroid function. It is better to avoid soy and stick to the meat we understand or better yet look for the best alternative animal protein.

4. Fruit Juice
Juice is not as healthy as the fruit. When the juice is extracted from the fruit all the important fibre is left behind. Fibre moderates the amount of sugar entering your body. Most commercial juices contain too much sugar than the fruit itself.

5. White Bread
White bread has no nutritional value to your body, it contains less fibre that is essential for your health as you age. Fibre aids in the digestive process.

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