If You Are A Great Woman, You Must Never Tolerate These Things From A Man In Your Relationship

things women mustn't tolerate from men

Beings a woman doesn’t mean you should encourage bad behavior, you need to speak for yourself if your man is doing what’s not right to you. In this article, we will be talking about somethings you should never tolerate from your man in your relationship. Below are four things you shouldn’t tolerate in your relationship;

1. Unfaithfulness
If a man wants to sleep around then he shouldn’t commit to a woman or marry her. Commitment or marriage demands that he be responsible and man enough to be loyal.

2. Economic Sabotage
Some men deliberately want to dominate their women/wives; they choke her economically so that she can depend on only him thus making her powerless. A good man rejoices when he sees his woman growing.

3. Slavery
She cooks, she cleans, she shops, she manages the home not out of duty but love. The man should never treat her like she is a hired maid, he should appreciate her for all she does at home and outside the house just like she appreciates him for all he does.

4. Sexist Remarks
Some men look at the woman as inferior, they make sexist jokes and belittle the woman. Such words should never come from a man who claims to love you.

5. Insults
A man who loves a woman will not insult her. He will rather protects her.

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