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If You Are a Strong Woman You Must Never Tolerate These Things In Your Relationship

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things strong women do

A strong woman is rare, beautiful, and 100% self-made. She’s been through a lot with ups, downs, and everything in-between, but has always managed to fight her way through whatever hardships life was throwing her way. A strong woman is independent, relentless, gentle at heart (although will show it just to a lucky few) and knows what she wants in life. She is determined, hard-working, intelligent, and will not settle for just any partner. He should be her equal, a supportive and understanding man she can count on. She is honest and knows her self-worth. Here are 5 things a strong woman will never tolerate in a relationship;

1. Lies
Lying is something a strong woman simply can’t stand. She would rather hear a blunt or harsh truth than stay in the dark not knowing what’s going on. Sugar-coating things is definitely not her style and she wouldn’t want her partner to do it either.

2. Being Unsupportive
She’s strong and confident, but this doesn’t change the fact that she wants her partner to be all that, too. She knows her weaknesses and had moments of doubts and various hardships, that’s when her partner should support her and be there for her in every way. In other words, she’s looking for a mature man she can fully trust.

3. Insecurity
Insecurity leads to jealousy and all kinds of weird behaviour in a relationship. A partner that feels insecure will not be able to fully trust her, no matter how perfect she behaves herself. That’s why a strong woman doesn’t tolerate insecurity that results in unkindness, suspiciousness, and low self-esteem. A guy like that will not stay in her life for long even if he somehow finds his way into her heart.

4. Disrespect
Being respectful to each other is the corner stone of a successful and happy relationship. A strong woman knows this and will not tolerate offensive language, bad treatment, belittling comments about her looks, hobbies, work, etc. She’s open to healthy criticism, but without sarcasm and negativity. She’s been there, done that, and now wants someone who will make her happy, not miserable.

5. Being unfaithful
A strong woman is unforgiving when it comes to those who are unfaithful. It’s the worst kind of lie, one she will never let go. If a partner wants to see some other women as well, he should discuss this beforehand, discussing the boundaries of such a relationship. Otherwise, she’ll let go of a partner like that in a heartbeat.


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