If You Are a True Muslim, You Must Avoid Doing These Things When Using the Toilet

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Muslim are expected to behave well while in the toilet. Many Muslims didn’t know what they should avoid when using the toilet

Here are few things Muslim should avoid when using the toilet;

1. You Must Not Talk while In the Toilet

You must keep silent while in the toilet. No talking, reading aloud, greeting others or answering greetings. This is in contrast to the Buddhist toilet rules described in the Vinaya Pitaka, in which monks are instructed to cough loudly when arriving at the toilet and anyone already there should cough in response.

2. Always Enter the Toilet With the Left Foot First

The prophet (S.A.W) said Muslim should recite the toilet dua and always enter with the left foot first. Muslim should avoid entering the toilet with the right foot as warned by the prophet (S.A.W)

3. Don’t Enter the Toilet Carrying Anything That Bears the Name Of Allah

You are not allowed to enter the toilet carrying anything bearing the name of Allah, such as the Quran or any other book containing the name Allah, or jewelry engraved with the name of Allah. Or, now that I’ve said that, a printed copy of this page.

4. Use Water Or Stone But Not Tissue Paper

Muslims are warned against copying from the western style of using tissue paper, they should rather used stones in the absence of water. Water is the major thing to used to clean yourself after using the toilet.

5. Always Step Out Of the Toilet With the Right Foot First

The prophet (S.A.W) said Muslim should recite the toilet dua and always step out with the right foot first. Muslim should avoid stepping out the toilet with the left foot as warned by the prophet (S.A.W)


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