If You Are Doing Any Of These Eight Things, Men Will Run Away From You

As a lady, lot of times you might meet men that you like – potential men who could actually be future husbands. But, for some reason, after a couple of days or weeks or months of chatting, they suddenly lose all interest and disappear and you’re left wondering what you did wrong or what happened. Well, the bitter truth is, while sometimes it’s the man’s fault, most of the times, you actually only have yourself to blame for losing that man cause of some attitudes. Below are some of the things that can chase men away from you;

1. You’re Trying to Change Him
No man wants to be with a woman who is constantly trying to change him and act like his mother. You cannot change a man; the same way you cannot teach an old dog new tricks.

2. Grooming
Of course, it’s not a must that you have your nails done and look perfect all the time. But it’s important to maintain basic hygiene. Imagine if you’re with this gentleman you have been wanting for a while and you finally get the opportunity to have the first sex experience but you stink down there, or you have bad mouth odor? Chances of hearing from him again will be very minimal.

3. Being Too Needy
The last thing a man wants is a needy woman. A woman who has zero sense of independence. You want this guy to take care of all your financial needs – two weeks into dating and you’re already giving him a million stories on why you’re late on rent or how your phone has broken down and now you need another. A man wants to be with a woman who can bank roll herself, not another financial burden in his life to add on to his stress. And ladies, it’s not just financial neediness. If you’re the kind that constantly texts and calls literally every other minute, that’s a sign of neediness. Give the man space – keep yourself busy with school/work/personal hobbies and projects and that way, the guy will see that you actually have a life of your own, you’re happy and that when you’re both together, you’re complementing each other and completing each other as opposed to one person being a tick in the relationship.

4. You’re Rushing the Relationship
One month in and you’re already talking about babies, marriage, moving into his apartment and what not. That will make the guy run away. Take things slow and let the relationship take its course. When a man sees value in you, that ring will come sooner than later. Be of value to him and take things slow.

5. You Lack Class
Are you the kind of girl that starts drama every opportunity you get? You lack even basic mannerisms when it comes to dinning etiquette. Well, it’s going to be hard to keep a good gentleman around you for long. A man wants to be with a woman who reflects well on him. Man want a woman who makes him look good and one who complements him well. Not one he will be ashamed of introducing to his parents and friends.

6. Something Has Changed Negatively in His Life
Maybe there has been a shift in his life, the loss of someone dear or maybe he’s simply dealing with his own demons. Hey, it happens, life changes. At this point, you’re definitely not a priority in is life and that could be a reason for him to disappear on you.

7. Desperation
Don’t go around begging for the guy’s attention. Doing wifey duties for him, trying too hard to make him like you. That comes off like you’re desperate for a man. Men are competitive in nature they like to chase and enjoy the thrill of it. Give him the opportunity to chase you and score you. Don’t play hard to get but don’t be too easy to get at the same time. Find the right balance. For instance, when he asks when he can take you out, don’t say you’re busy. Instead, let him know that you will look at your schedule and let him know when you’re free.

8. You’re Too Easy to Get
This can be different for some people. There are some people who had sex on the first date and went on to date and even get married. But there are also men that like to chase and find that thrilling – when they work hard to score you. They feel proud. When you sleep too soon with a man, to be honest, there’s nothing much he will be looking forward to. He may also think that it’s your nature to sleep around with other guys out there. So, make him wait a little bit before letting him have a taste of you.

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