If You Are Doing Any of These Jobs, You Will Get Divorced With Your Partner

We work to sustain our lives and families, and also to satisfy our careers and financial needs. But despite the goods sides of working, negative consequences are always there. The kind of job one could have negative effects on his or her marriage and even lead to divorce. In this article, we explore some of the jobs with the highest divorce rates. Below are works that can lead to divorce;

1. Bar Work
People working at the bar have their marriages posed for breakage especially with the fact that bars are basically places people go to drink and hook up which is unhealthy to any marriage. The nature of the job and how people mingle and relate to such places could act as a recipe to the end of one’s marriage.

2. Massage Therapist
The simplest description of massage therapy as a job is touching one’s undressed body and this usually works best with people of the opposite sex. This description alone is enough to end a relationship since no one would be happy with partner scrubbing unclothed body of a stranger of the opposite sex.

3. Artistes / Entertainers
Singers and artists travel all over the world meeting with new people and getting to engage with them deeply in the absence of their spouses. Anything could happen in the process and this instils too much doubt and feeling of insecurity in their partners’ minds. An end result could be a divorce.

4. Flight Attendants
The long-distance flights and several hours and days away from home are detrimental to a marriage. As a matter of fact, this could lead to infidelity and cheating in marriage for the partner who is left at home alone for weeks and the one in a different country exploring new people.

5. Nurses
Nurses spend long hours offering health aide to people at the hospital. The long hours at work could cause constraint in marriage and the nurses could also build close contact between them and the patients. This could lead to infidelity.

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