If You Are Not Doing These Three Things, You And Your Lover Are Not Compatible

Things lovers must be doing

Is there a man or woman who has swept you off your feet? Dating someone you deeply love is one of the best things that can ever happen to you.

However, not all people we think are good turn out to be the best. It is important to understand whether you are compatible. Below are three signs you and your crush aren’t compatible;

1. You Have Different Priorities In Life
It amounts to time wastage if you date someone you have different priorities in life. You need someone you will share different things with. An ideal person for a relationship is the one who shares the same mindset with yours. He or she should see life from the same perspective as you do.

2. Different Interests
Lack of similar interests can be a barrier in your relationship. You need someone you share several things with. Determine what you share and see whether you can make things work out in the long run.

3. No Hanging Out With Them
It is close to impossible to date someone you cannot spend time with. It is evident that you in different worlds. You need someone you share most of the things in life if you want to be happy. Unless he or she wants to hang out with you to avoid them like a plaque.

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