If You Can Do These Five Things For Woman You Like, She Will Fall For You And Turn To Lovers

things to do to win girls heart

Are you tired of being friend zoned with a woman that you like? It’s really frustrating when you truly love a girl abd want her as your partner but instead, she sees you as her friend. So, for you to save yourself from friend zone level, Here are some tips on how to be desirable;

1. Be Straightforward
profess your feelings and intentions
Don’t hide behind the curtain and show her that you really want her. Be straight forward and pour your feelings to her. Let her know what she means to you.

2. Make Her Miss You Every Now and Then
The likely reasons as to why she is friend zoning you is because you are always over her making her feel all the attention and affections that you have towards her. And in order for her to stop taking you for granted, you need to avoid her so that she can miss you and end up giving a chance of dating her.

3. Be Bold
Dare to touch her. Don’t Let friendship blind you that much. Try to touch her in an intimate way in order to send a signal.

4. Tickle Her Competitive Nature
Go out with someone else. If it happens that your tricks of getting her fails, try going out with another woman not purposely to make her jealous but to just pass information to her.

5. Set Your Mind Straight
Do you want to get out of the friend zone?
Another reason that might be keeping you in the friend zone is that you are not sure of what you really want. One needs to be sure of what he wants, that is, if you want to get out of the friend zone or not.

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