If You Can Do These Things As a Lady, Your Spouse Will Love You Forever and Never Forget About You

Dating is pretty much the most confusing and hardest thing around. And unfortunately, if you’re single and searching for love, you definitely have to date.

You could wait around for your dream guy or own version of Prince Charming to show up, hopefully when you’re standing in line for coffee or on the subway (since rom-coms would love to have you believe that this is totally possible).

But you know deep down that is a total dream and that won’t actually happen to you. So you go on first date after first date, waiting for a person that you feel a connection to.

But how do you make sure that he likes you, too? How do you ensure that you’re pretty much the best potential girlfriend that the guys you go out with have ever met? It’s not super simple but like anything in life, it can absolutely be done. You can do this.

Below are 6 ways to make sure you’re the one that he’ll never forget;

1. Be Yourself

You know that you should be yourself, and it turns out that the oldest and most classic piece of advice around is super true. You should always be yourself on a first date and even beyond. You don’t want a guy to like you for who you aren’t, right?

There’s no reason to pretend to be someone else or to lie about your past or experiences or current life. You may attract someone in the short term, but eventually he’s going to find out the truth anyway, and you want to make sure that he knows the real you as soon as possible.

A true, authentic relationship that is built on friendship has to be built on both people showing their real selves and being honest about that. So go ahead and chat about things that interest you and the people that matter to you on the first date. If this guy is super bored, then he’s really not the right guy to be you.

2. Keep An Open Mind

If you’re super strict with your routine and how you spend your free time, that makes sense because you’ve been on your own for a while.

Naturally, you have this whole thing called life down and you’ve been used to doing what you want, exactly when you want. But now you’re in a brand new relationship or at least approaching something that looks like that, and that means you have to compromise.

Yeah, that doesn’t sound super fun, but if you refuse to switch up a workout or something like that in order to make time for this guy, he’s going to leave you. There’s no way he wouldn’t.

He wants someone who is there for him and who makes time to hang out with him. You would hate if the roles were reversed, right? So keep an open mind about your schedule and routine and make sure you’re creating time and space for your new relationship.

3. Be Chill

You may think that being super clingy is the way to a guy’s heart, because if you ignore him and aren’t in his face all the time, how does he even know that you exist? What if he forgets all about you? How can you possibly be memorable if you’re super chill? But the truth is that guys don’t want clingy girls any more than you are into a clingy guy (ugh, the worst).

So if you want to be a girl that he will never, ever forget, then you need to be as chill as you can and not freak out about him or nothing else. Don’t bring your friendship or work drama with you on dates. Don’t ask him where you are or if you should be official yet, at least not prematurely.

You’re going to be so much more memorable if you calm down and take a step back and take things slow than if you did the total opposite. That’s because he’s had enough clingy and annoying girlfriends. When you act differently, you’ll be unforgettable.

4. Impress Him

No, don’t pretend to be someone you’re totally not to impress him, or do something crazy like spring for an expensive makeover or anything like that. But you should still aim to impress this new guy — by literally doing what you would have done anyway. Go ahead and follow your dreams on a daily basis.

You know that you should be doing this so you might as well get off your butt and start already. When you’re moving toward something that you want, that’s an attractive thing and that will make this guy totally impressed. He’ll love how ambitious and talented you are and he’ll really want to stick around and see all the awesome things that you’re going to accomplish.

Don’t be afraid of admitting that you have this fire inside of you. Sure, some guys in the past might have been intimidated, but not every guy is going to feel that way.

5. Let Things Happen Naturally

It’s so tempting to rush things with a new guy, but that’s not going to make you totally hard to forget. It would actually make you completely forgettable because he’s going to get out as soon as he can and find someone who can take things slower.

So don’t give into your passion too quickly, even if you do think this is the one for you and that you will never break up. It’s still a new relationship and lots of things can still go wrong… and they probably will, because as much as it sucks, absolutely nothing in life is perfect. But let things happen naturally and you’ll be someone he just can’t forget. He’s going to love how calm you are and that you’re not pressuring him into anything.

He won’t believe his good luck: that he gets to be with you (because you’re amazing, of course) and that you’re not rushing him into anything.

6. Be Honest

Honesty may be the best policy but that doesn’t mean that people abide by that on a regular basis. So many people are terrified of being honest, especially with someone they just started dating.

If you want to be memorable to your new guy, you need to be honest with him. That means sharing your opinions and thoughts, even if they don’t match his own. That means telling him how you feel about him, even if it scares you (and, well, especially if it scares you). He’s going to value your honesty and be glad that you’re telling him what you’re thinking and feeling. So be brave and be honest. That’s never going to be a good idea.

You can even be totally honest if you feel a bit afraid of entering a new relationship since you’ve been hurt in the past. You may think you’re a loser for admitting this but you’ll soon realize that he probably feels the same way and that, really, a lot of people think this way too.

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