If You Can Take Your Bath With Salt and Water, These Miracles Will Happen In Your Life

Bathing with salt and water

In life, you should agree with me that there are spiritual mysterious that many are ignorant of and this doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Someone can claim ignorance of not knowing, but still be afflicted. No one is exempted in the battle of life, the only assurance of victory we have is in Christ Jesus.

Stagnancy is a spiritual sickness, barrenness of all kinds, lack of money or helper, backwardness, terminal or seasonal illness and more are all spiritual sicknesses. Incase you don’t know, you should all know today that there is power in salt. But the combination of Salt and Water is a more powerful mystery.

For this particular prescription, you take a little salt, pour it into the water (you will not be using a shower this time) and stir it. Once done, you can bath with it and here are the possible effects below;

1. It nullifies the physical effects of dreams like eating in the dream, been flogged with visible marks etc.

2. It keeps witchcraft presence and influence away from you.

3. It attracts undeserved favor to you (salt is a sweetener).

4. It protects you from satanic manipulation of that day.

5. If you bath it before sleep, you will have a more clearer and revealing dream.

It’s important you know that the application of this prescription is a spiritual process and it’s advised you do it prayerfully. You can declare good things into your day as you bath with the water.

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