If You Don’t Act On These Things Now, You Will Later Regret It In Life

Regret is simply something you wish you knew earlier in life. It is a feeling of sadness or disappointment which is caused by something that has happened or something that you have done or not done. The main difference between successful people and others is that successful people get to know very early in life what others know later. Below are 9 things you must do now to avoid regret later in life;

1. Always Be Yourself
Most people don’t know who they are, so they die as someone else. The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are. Until you live a life that is truly yours, you have not lived. Many people live a larger part of their life wanting to be someone else. For all the time you work hard to being someone else, they are wasted years.

2. Rejection Is Often Redirection
Sometimes, the greatest thing that will ever happen to some of us is rejection. The reason has been that most times, rejection is simply redirection. When people continually reject you, it is because God is redirecting you. One of the core secrets of great people is in their ability to handle and overcome rejection without harbouring any form of bitterness. Don’t ever give in to people’s rejection; rather, ask God to redirect you to your place of destiny fulfilment.

3. Don’t Depend On Previous Success
Our previous success can hinder us from moving to the next level when we become so full of them. Don’t build your future on your previous successes; rather, let them give you more impetus to be more successful.

4. You Must Discover Your Gift
Your education is not your secret to wealth and fulfilment; the discovery of your gift is. The core purpose of the education should be discovering one’s gift as early as possible.
Any education that does not teach us to discover, nurture and develop our gifting and uniqueness is a waste. There is no man that is as poor and miserable as the one that carries all his gifts, talents and potentials to the grave. Real wealth is discovering your gifts and talents and making the world a better place through it.

5. Making Mistakes Is An Integral Part Of Success
In life, the fellow who never makes a mistake takes his order from the one who does. Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. Mistakes are integral parts of the learning process. Any learning process that does not accommodate making mistakes will always short-circuit learners’ capacity for innovation.

6. Your Words Matter
It is not what you are going through that defines you, but what you say in what you are going through. If God cannot change your word, he cannot change your life. What you are going through is temporal, but what you say in what you are going through is permanent. Be wise with words. Be mindful of your words. No matter what any prophet says about you, you always have the final say.

7. Value Family And Relationships More Than Money
Family is everything. you must never sacrifice family for business. Those that succeed at home will eventually employ those that struggle at home. I have come a long way in life to realise that the only resources that is inexhaustible in life is relationship. This doesn’t suggest that we shouldn’t make money, but rather, we must not prioritise it above relationship.

8. Stop Asking For Permission
Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another. I have observed that the greatest hindrance to living a fulfilling life is being ‘stuck’ on other people’s opinion and permission. There are two things that we can perpetually live on: ‘Permission’ or ‘Conviction.’ Great people live on the latter, while the former is meant for lesser souls. Live on conviction and stop asking for permission. Make no apologies for following your heart; a man on a mission needs no permission.

9. There Is Nothing That Is Ready-Made
There is nothing that is ready-made. All you need has been given, the challenge is just that they might not be in the form that you need it. The reason why there is scarcity in your life is not because you don’t have what you need, it is simply because what you need is in a form that you are too lazy to work upon. The liberating truth against scarcity is to believe that you already have what you need, but not necessarily in the form that you needed it. You need to work on what you have presently to get what you need out of life. Nobody gets the best out of life automatically, the best comes as we work on the good that we have presently.

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