If You Don’t Stop Doing These Three Things, It Will Drain All Your Money and Make You Poor Forever

What you do that drain money

Most people fall in the circle of poverty by choice. There are so many ideas that an individual can come up with in a certain time that can benefit them by raising their living standards, economic level and fulfilling their financial needs. Also, there are many things an individual can do that will turn his good life to bad one and might never meetup with life forever. Below are some characteristics that can turn a rich individual to poor one;

1. Too Much Alcohol

If an individual is addicted to taking too much of alcohol everyday, it can turn such individual to a poor one cause he won’t have anything in mind again than to drink and have fun. The time he’s suppose to be thinking and strategizing on how his life will be better he will be wasting it in beer parlour and he won’t have any plans for himself anymore. If such man doesn’t stop, it can turn him to a poor man for life cause he would spend his last dime on alcohol without thinking of how he is going to make more money.

2. Womanizing

Womanizing is a behaviour in which a man often has temporary sexual relationships with women or tries to get women to have sex with him. This is also a way that can make an individual perish and turn a rich individual to a poor one. All what such individual will be thinking about is how he is going to have intercourse with different women, and lots of things can happen to such individual if care is not taking. Such man can turn poor after spending all his money on different women, He can also meet his death in the journey cause those women he is doing rubbish with, there husband won’t be happy with him.

3. Spending On Irrelevant Things

One of the things that can turn a rich individual to poor one is spending lavishly. Always try your possible best to spend your money on things you need only. It’s important, however, to keep your spending to a minimum until you can afford to spend more. Don’t do things cause others are doing it when you know you can’t afford it. It can turn you to a poor man if care is not taking. If you know you want to spend your money, spend it on investments!

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