If You Don’t Want to Get Infected By Coronavirus In Africa, Do These Five Things Everyday

Ways to avoid contacting coronavirus

There is only one thing you need to understand about how coronal virus spreads. The virus spreads when a little saliva droplets from the mouth of an affected person to your eyes, nose or mouth. So, if you see someone who is visibly coughing, sneezing or sick, You can choose to do any of these two things below;

1. Keep Your Distance
Keeping a distance of 2m to 0.5m will keep you safe from large droplets of the virus.

2. Give Them Mask
Give them mask so that they can cough or sneeze into it and this will protect everyone else nearby from contacting it. And in general, it is a good idea to avoid crowds because you don’t know who might be sick within the crowd.

However, sometimes a sick person’s saliva can get on other things like door knobs, pens, mouse digital devices and so on. If you touch any of these things accidentally and then touch your face, your loved ones with same hand, you might all fall sick.

Kindly note that this virus can last up to 48 hours on objects and the only effective way to get rid of it is to wash them off thoroughly with soap. And this is why it is good to follow these precautions I’m about to list below;

1. Wash Your Hands Thoroughly With Soap And Water For Atleast 20 seconds After Touching a Suspected Contaminated Surface
Washing your hands thoroughly means you will wash the back of your hands, wash between the fingers, wash under your nails for atleast 20 seconds.

2. Cover Your Cough With Disposable Tissue Or use Mask and Discard Them Immediately In a Waste Bin
Don’t wear the mask more than a day cause bacteria grows on the insides of your mask if you wear them too long. Don’t touch the outside of the mask if you can. And if you did, don’t worry, just wash your hands with soap and water after touching it.

3. Avoid Coming In Contact With People Who Are Sick
Don’t share personal items like foods, towels, cups and utensils with those who are sick.

4. Avoid Touching Your Eyes, Nose And Mouth
AS said earlier above, touching your nose, mouth or ear can get you infected, so beware of that. And if at all you want to, make sure you wash your hands before you do.

5. Seek Medical Advice
Seeking medical advice will really help you in contacting the virus, as your doctors will enlighten you more on what to do and don’t.

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