If You Don’t Want Your Crush to Run Away From You, Never Do These Three Things

things you shouldn't do to your crush

Is there a woman sweeping you off your feet? Do you want to date her? Well, expressing the way you feel can be tricky at times. Some men are tempted to share things that they do not need to disclose to their crushes in an attempt to win their hearts. What you tell your crush really matters alot. Make sure you do not get it wrong when communicating with your crush. Below are some of the things you must never do to your crush;

1. Show Her Your Mean Side
Women do not love dating mean men. A generous man is every woman’s dream. Make sure you do not become too stingy when dating a woman of your dream. Women feel great when a man can do anything to make them happy at the end of the day.

2. Take Long to Reply to Her Texts
It irritates to text someone only to get the reply after a long time. Make sure you reply to her texts on time. If you delay replying to the messages it can be wise to apologize to her for the same.

3. Sharing Your Private Life’s Secrets
Some men are likely to be tempted to share their private life with their crushes. Until she proves she is the woman you want, keep some things to yourself. Only share the things that will not come back to haunt you later in life.

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