If You Dream About Water, This Is What It Means and You Need to Pray

Dreaming about water meaning

Dreaming about water is a common thing to many people. This can represent a good or bad symbol. In the positive note, it symbolizes healing, salvation, power, restoration etc. There is a great connection between water, Holy Spirit and man. In a Biblical format, water indicates the spirit of God. (Gen 1:2). It is believed that such dream relate to purification and cleansing.

Specifically, the symbol of river, ocean, lake is connected to outside the habitation of men. These elements carries formidable power through its waves. When dreaming about water, kindly put into consideration if such theme leaves you with peace or sadness.

The spirit of marine bondage and delay enters into people lives the moment they see themselves swimming in the river, staring at a river, playing with a river- water, playing football on the water, eating in the river, attending several meetings in the river etc.

No doubt, the rate of marine covenant and curses in the life of people is on the high side. The dreaming about seeing yourself holding meeting in the river shows that the stronghold of water spirit has withhold your virtues in the marine kingdom. That’s why deliverance is so hard for many people.

Dream symptoms of water
1. If you are drinking clean water in your ddream, it represents healing, salvation, and power.

2. If you dream of drinking dirty water, it symbolizes sin, sickness and prayerlessness.

3. If you dream of fetching water from a running tap, it signifies prosperity and fruitfulness.

4. If you dream where the tap stop running, it means the source of your happiness is gone.

5. If you dream of crossing the river (ocean), it means you are moving away from your problems.

6. If you dream where your boat capsized inside the water, it means your ways are not upright before God. It also indicate that you have offended God or man.

7. If you dream where river took away your child, it means such child’s destiny is connected to marine covenant. This may affect his or her life. Pray against it.

8. If you see yourself drowning in a deep clear water, it means you are not doing what God asked you to do which has brought divine punishment. However, the devil might also use it to arrest and cause fear in your life.

9. If you dream of calm water, it means the storm is over.

10. If you dream of bathing in water, it indicates an impending trouble in your marriage/finance.

11. If you dream of eating on water, it means you have been initiated by marine witchcraft to die so soon.

12. If you dream of pouring water on someone, it means you are trying to revive a soul.

13. If you dream where someone is pouring water on you, it portends transfer of virtues.

14. If you dream of carrying water, it indicates blessings and good news.

15. If you dream of a flowing river, it means something good is about to locate you.

16. If you dream of washing your cloth with water, it means the Holy Spirit is giving a new garment of favour, honour and glory.

17. If you dream where someone is forcing you to swim in a river, it means a satanic trap to get hold of you. It might lead to death, sickness and backwardness.

18. If you dream of quenching fire with water, it means the Lord has just rescue from demonic attack.

19. If your family members are giving you water, it means your family is supporting your plans.

20. If you see water with traces of blood, it indicates witchcraft manipulation is on its way.

21. If you see yourself diving in deep water, it indicates you have actually disconnected from the blessing of God. This can bring setbacks.

Here Are Prayer Points to Prayer For This Kind Of Dream
1. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, I sanctify this water, in Jesus’ name.

2. O Lord, arise by Your resurrection power and breathe upon this body of water, in Jesus’ name.

3. Holy Ghost fire, overshadow this body of water and convert it to divine healing and creative water, in the name of Jesus.

4. Power of Jehovah, trouble this water and convert it to demon-crushing water, in Jesus’ name.

5. O Thou, who sweetened the water of Marah, convert this water to divine antibiotics and vitamins, in the name of Jesus.

Claim your prayers by typing Amen in the Comment Session. I pray no evil shall fall on us all.

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