If You Ever Do These, You Can Never Succeed In Life

Man mustn't wash his wife's panties

Grace Omaboe who goes the moniker Maame Dokono has said men who wash their wives clothes and under garments will never be successful in life.

According to the screen goddess, it is abominable for a man to wash a woman’s clothes unless she is sick or pregnant.

Speaking to Arnold Elavanyo Mensah on Vibes In 5, Maame Dokono stated that she will beat the hell out of her son if she sees him washing his wife’s clothes.

“No, how can you let your husband wash your under garments for you. In those days they would say you’re foolish. The man has been bewitched for washing his wife’s panties.”

When asked if she would allow a man to wash her clothes, she answered in the negative.

“I am strongly against it. It will be hard luck on the man everything about the man. It has some spiritual implications”.

Maame Dokono queried: “how should you wash your wife’s panties?”

The veteran actress who is against feminism movements in the country quoted a scripture in her ending remarks and said it is okay for a woman to wash a man’s clothes.

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