If You Find Yourself Believing In All These Men Of God After Lockdown, You Are Doomed – Man Says

You're doomed if you believe in men of God

An angry man has gone to the internet to speak his mind out about all the pastors and prophets. According to him, he said;

Truth be told, 95% of all these pastors and prophets are fake. They are the false prophets and teachers that the bible is warning us against. They claim to be having healing powers, but now that the world needs healing, they are nowhere to be found.

This shows that they have been lying to the community about healings the disease, they were faking it. Actually, there are rumors that these pastors and prophets pay people to act sick and they will deceive people as if they just healed a real sick person. All they want is money, the more people think the prophet or pastor is a healer, the more people come in and the more money gets in their pockets.

Covid 19 has proved to the world that all these pastors and prophets are fake, they dont have healing powers. And if you still believe that they are real pastors and prophets, you need deliverance or you are doomed. Its beyond doubt that they are liars, they dont have any healing powers or prophetic powers. They are just doing business out of poor people.

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