If You Have Mirror in Your Bedroom, This is What Happens While Sleeping, Take Note of No 3

Having mirror on the wall in your bedroom is really a great thing.

Lately, I’ve been reading on a lot of weird things and beliefs. Thank goodness for the internet.

While I was browsing the internet, I stumbled on some paranormal articles. Some articles were explaining why you shouldn’t sleep with teddy bears, some were articulating why one shouldn’t sleep with mirrors above their beds.

Here are three reasons why you should stop sleeping with the mirror facing your bed;

1. You Struggle With Sleeping

Apparently, mirrors take away all your energy, and takes away your ability to sleep. Mirrors apparently bounce energy that is needed for your body to relax and sleep.

2. It Scares You

If the mirror is above facing your bed, your soul might get startled , resulting in you getting nightmares.

3. Open Spiritual Portals

Apparently, mirrors reflect and opens portals into the spiritual portals. In you having a mirror facing your bed as you sleep, you are inviting sinister energies into your bedroom. It is also cautioned that mirrors should not face each other.

So, if you do have a mirror in your bedroom, its best your remove it to a more general area. If you cannot, simply cover the mirror with something as you sleep.

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