If You Know You Want to Live Long On Earth, Always Do These Things Especially No 2

If you grow up with the elders, you must be fortunate because with them, you are covered. If you look into the society today, you will see that premature death is the order of the day. Kids are dying, youths are dying while elders are dying as well. In the olden days, whoever dies at 80 died as a baby but today, reverse is the case.

Today, whoever lived for 80 years is now a hero. A lot of things are really going on. Funny enough, most of the premature death are self caused. Most youths die today because of what they bring upon themselves.

In this article, I want to give you things you must do to live long as gathered from the wise ones. Below are Things to do in other to live long on earth; TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

1. Pray Without Ceasing

Prayer is the key to all things. When you pray to God for long life, He may be moved to increase your lifespan on Earth. Let your prayers know no bound. Keep praying while others pray for you too.

2. Sleep Naked

Sleeping naked cool off the body and make it relaxed. When the body cool off, it makes reparatory growth hormones to be released. On the other hand, when you are hot, it makes you get fewer of the hormones. So also when your body is cool, it helps to reduce the level of cortisol (stress hormone that leads to overeating and diabetes). This is why you need to be sleeping naked to allow free air into your body system.

3. Do Frequent Exercise

Exercising the body goes a long way to making you stay fit and healthy. Do more of jugging, Press up and weight lifting if you can. By doing so, you are increasing the level of fitness in you thereby increasing your lifespan.

4. Marry Someone Who is Younger Than You

It helps a lot. When you marry someone who is younger than you, when age catch up with you, he/she will still be energetic enough to keep things going. He/she will still be doing everything possible to feed you and keep you alive. But in a situation where you marry your age mate, both of you will unanimously get old and weak. Which means non of you will be strong enough to keep the fire burning.

5. Don’t Eat Outside

It is better to eat your own food cooked by yourself so that you can know where your Problem is coming from. Eating outside could put you into danger as you don’t know who is really for and Against you. When you are good at eating outside; be it from the restaurants or your friends’ place, you endanger your life because anything can happen to you at anytime.

Research shows that many of those cooking in the restaurants uses meats and other materials that are forbidden to others. Therefore, eating from there could put you into trouble. Eat your own food and avoid outside food if you must live long.

6. Respect Culture

The fact that you are a Christian/Muslim doesn’t mean you shouldn’t respect Culture. Lack of respect for the culture of the land is the reason some youths die prematurely. The Bible or the Quoran did not say you shouldn’t obey the rules of your community. There are some traditions we take for granted these days; Those days when your wife commit adultery, you must not accept her in unless a certain cleansing is done traditionally. They do it then and were living long.

Now that we have been preached to, we feel it’s a form of ritual and not biblical. Your preacher preached to you that when such thing happens, you should just pray and accept her if you love her. Well, you have failed to realize that grace differs. What works for Mr A may not work for Mr B. Try as much as possible to obey the culture and live long.

7. Take A Lot Of Sleep

Depriving yourself of sleep everytime simply because of making money will shorten your lifespan. You need to sleep well to be able to regain yourself. To some people, the only time they sleep is between 12am to 4am. Only 4 hour sleep in 24 hours. The Money you are pursuing will be enjoyed by others if you die. Don’t kill yourself, ensure you sleep well on a daily basis. Taking a nap will go a long way.

8. Smile Always

The way smiles makes you look younger and fresh in the physical, same way it makes you younger and fresher in the spirit. Each time you frown, you look ugly and old so keep on smiling even if you are not happy.

9. Always Think of Death

It may sound awkward but it helps. This is how it works, anytime you think of death, your spirit will become humble. You will try to do anything humanly possible to avoid death and also do what will make you stay holy to avoid hell fire after death. This will help you to be a good person which will in turn help your life.

10. Be Nice to People

Your long life, is not only dependent on your prayers but also the Prayers people pray for you. No one will pray for you if you are not nice to them. When you are Generous and help people, they will always pay you back with prayers. 90% of the prayers people you help pray for you contain the key word Long Life. The more people you help, they more the prayers keep pouring it and the more you keep living long.

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