If You Notice These Eight Habits In Your Partner, Never Marry Them

never marry someone with these habits

Looking to settle down is a big decision to make. If you choose the right partner, you may spend the rest of your life with someone who helps you to learn and grow, giving you the opportunity of living with happiness and fulfillment. And if you make the wrong choice, you could be in for a lifetime of heartache. So when it comes to choosing your life partner, there are some types of people you must simply avoid. Below are eight habits to avoid when choosing your spouse;

1. Someone Who Doesn’t Respect Their Family
If your partner is mean to their family, there’s a good chance they will treat you the same way. Although humans tend to be the meanest to the ones they love, there’s something to be said about someone who does it with malice. Watch out for people who don’t give any of their time to family members or even close friends. That could be you someday.

2. People Who Don’t Value Relationships
If you find yourself madly in love with a partner who has cheated on previous partners, reconsider your options here. People who don’t follow the rules of a relationship are unlikely to change – although it does happen. So, find someone who will be true to you.

3. Someone Who Breaks Promises
Whether they “forget” to get the oil changed in the car or they don’t show up for a dinner reservation, someone who can’t keep it together long enough to keep a promise to you is not worth your time or life’s investment. Find someone who does what they say they will do.

4. Someone Who Is Narrow-minded
If you are someone who is open-minded, then it’s very important you find a partner who is also open-minded. The reason been that open-minded people in a romantic partnership can support each other in expanding their horizons together.

5. Dishonest People
If you catch your spouse lying to you, reconsider the relationship. Of course, the severity of the lie can come into play, but it’s hard to ignore the fact that one lie leads to another.

6. Someone Who Isn’t Emotionally Mature
A lot of people don’t have the wherewithal to take care of themselves these days. We’ve been babied and coddled our whole lives, and it seems that many people don’t know how to pay bills, hold a job, or clean their homes. If you find yourself with someone who hasn’t grown up, move on. You don’t need that in your life.

7. People Who Want To Fight With You For The Sake Of It
A partner who doesn’t leave well enough alone is not someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, you want to be with someone who can leave the past in the past. Life is hard enough without having to drag up the past all the time. Someone who can’t forgive and forget is not someone you want to be married to at all.

8. Someone Who Doesn’t Listen To You
If your partner is always speaking for you or correcting you when you speak, consider that they don’t respect your opinion and don’t want you having a voice of your own. This is a form of abuse and control. If your partner cuts you off mid-sentence, it means they don’t respect you enough to listen.

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