If You Notice These Five Signs In A Girl You Love, It Means You Are Texting Her Too Much

Texting your partner

In this generation, texting has become a rampant way of communication between people who are long distance.
However, there are some instances where some people happen to text too much until they make texting to be boring.

How should you know that you are texting a lot? This is something that one should be able to ask himself when texting a girl. Girls will not tell you that you are doing it too much but signs speak louder. Below are 5 signs that will let you know you’re texting too much;

1. You Get Single Word Answers
When a girl gets bored with you, the chance of you receiving one-word text is usually high.
Hence, when you see this coming, you better, reduce your rate of texting.

2. You Composed a Novel of Content, and Her Answer is “that’s right.” 
This hurts though, but it is a lesson that you should never again text a girl your life history. Keep your text fun and quick by texting her a readable text length.

3. She Holds Up a Few Days To Contact You Back
If she also texts back a few days later that also indicates that she is bored with you texting too much.

4. She Sends You Message In This Format
She sends you messages like “Would I be able to call you later?” and another signal that indicates you are too much is when she excuses herself and she never comes back.

5. She Quit Reacting
This is rampant with most girls, where she will just leave you hanging. Don’t insist if she happens to do this to you.

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