If You Notice These Signs In a Girl, Don’t Date Her If You Don’t Want to Regret For Your Entire Life

Signs you Mustn't date a girl

Dating is one of the most exciting things that people engage in. It’s a process – a boy sees a girl either from afar or gets to know about her through someone and wants her to be more than friends because we all know there are boundaries you can’t cross with someone who is just your buddy.

Now, there are some clear-cut signs that should make a man have a rethink when he notices them about a lady. Below are some of them;

1. She Has a Gold Digger Traits
When a girl is just with you because you have money, you need to be careful. These ladies are everywhere these days. They are always in flashy outfits and use expensive gadgets that doesn’t match with their income. They often don’t have anything to offer you in a relationship. You need to beware of this type as she will trap you and drain you.

2. She Has a Poor Taste In Things
As a guy, wouldn’t you want to go out with a lady who oozes and radiates of class and great taste? I bet you do as she would give you an instant status boost and make you proud. No matter how beautiful a lady is, if her taste in food, clothes or things is poor, it’s a bad look for you.

3. You can’t please Her
This is a dicey one. You do something for her but she doesn’t get excited about it neither does she recognize the effort you put in to achieve that for her. Or it could be that she isn’t satisfied and nags about it. That attitude can be discouraging and you shouldn’t venture into a relationship with such a lady.

4. She Is Always Talking About Her Former Lover
This is a cut-and-dry situation. It is a major red flag when a lady speaks about her ex, whether in a good or bad way as it often means that she’s not over him. She’ll most likely find her way back to him and you’ll be the one who lost.

5. She Seems Too Easy
The truth is that men love the thrill of chasing after a lady that they like even if he is a sweet talker. You need to be careful and cautious about her if she comes across as too easy as it often means that she has had numerous encounters with men and can’t say no. She is often loose and have no sense of self-respect. You don’t want that kind of girl.

6. She Is Extremely Clingy
This type will call you every hour to ask where you are. If you don’t reply her message in seconds, she’ll assume you’re with another lady. She wants to be with you every time; no breathing space or time to do things you actually need to do. Please, avoid her at all costs.

7. She Is a Heavy Drinker
A lady who drinks too much is not an ideal option as she gives off the sign that she is loose and immature. Stay away from this type of girl.

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