If You Notice These Things In Her Room, You Must Never Marry Her

signs you must not marry her

One’s home says much about them. Dating will help you know much about your partner’s lifestyle and if she will be ready for a relationship or she is playing around to push time before she finds someone else. Below are some things you must notice in her room for you to determine if you should marry her or not;

1. Messy House
A girl who never puts her house in order will not make your life and hers in an orderly manner. A woman ready for a relationship will try the way she can to remain orderly and put everything in the right place all the time.

2. Unmade Bed
A girl who is undetermined to lead a positive and orderly life will leave her bed unmade all through the day. She will be less concerned about the bed’s neatness since she thinks she will sleep later in the day.

3. All Plastic Utensils
A woman ready for a relationship will shun having all her utensils plastic. She will try as hard as she could to purchase some glassware utensils. This shows she is able to handle glasses carefully and treat guests to quality dishware.

4. Dressed Up Pets
If you notice pets in the girl’s house that are dressed and have their clothes washed, she is not ready to replace pets companion with you. She values her time in checking up on her pets and has less or no time for you.

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