If You Saw Car In Your Dream, This Is What It Means and You Need to Pray

What it means to dream of car

Some of us sometimes have dreams in which we are either buying a car or driving it or whatever. and we get excited about it without even knowing what it means. If you had such dreams, it has lots of meaning and implications, Below are the implications meaning of buying or driving car in dreams;

1. Buying a car for yourself or your family means that the standard of living are about to improve and your lives are going to be happier.

2. Cars can also mean being in a particular ministry or vision of your own as appointed by God

3. Driving a car to your ending location without obstruction means everything working out for you. God is making a smooth way to your journey of destiny and breakthrough.

4. Driving a car with family members inside signifies joy in the family.

5. If in your dream you can’t find your car, it means there’s a great loss coming.

6. If you are driving out of control, it means an enemy is planning your death.

7. If you are driving inside a bushy road or you suddenly enter a bush, it means loss of focus and control.

8. If someone else is driving you in the car, it means someone is in control of your life and destiny.

9. If you drove your car into a river, it means sadness and loss.

10. If you are driving and suddenly people jump in your way to block you, it means there are powers that want to take control of your glorious destiny. There are powers from your father’s house that want you to serve them.

I pray for you, that every power or scheme that wants to pull you out of God’s will for your life and destiny be destroyed for your sake in Jesus name.

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