If You Want A Girl To Love You Instantly, Tell Her These Seven Things

what to tell girls

If you have a friend, mate, colleague or even someone you just know, that you are trying to appeal to but you don’t know what to say that will make her fall for you without too much of stress, say any of these things to them in the middle of a conversation, and watch them fall for you. Below are the things you need to tell her;

1. I can’t even understand why I’m all over you. You just make me feel better. Being around you is enough.

2. You are perfect. Even if you don’t see it, I do. You are every bit of super perfect.

3. I love it when you talk. Your voice makes me remember that there are still genuinely beautiful things in the world.

4. I won’t sleep well if I don’t tell you that you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Particularly because your soul is the most beautiful part of you.

5. Many people have said the happiest place on Earth is Disneyland. Today, I can boldly disagree. Clearly they haven’t ever been around you.

6. I used to be able to hide my feelings, but you make me feel so open. You make me feel like I am enough as who I am.

7. I’d watch you over and over again, if you were a movie.

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