If You Want Your Husband to Love You More, Tell Him These Five Things Everyday

things to always tell your husband

Words have the ability to make man’s heart sing and smile. Sure, words with no follow through or words that don’t seem genuine never land too well and yet, words can influence our connections with others. Men like to hear you say nice things even though not all words are alike. What men like to hear from women is not necessarily the same as what women like to hear. So stay with me to find out the eight things men want to hear you say to them. Below are eight nice things to say to a man that make a man feel good;

1. Tell Him You Appreciate Him
Appreciation is fuel for any relationship. Any man would love to hear he’s good at something. He’d love it if you appreciate his job, handyman skills, the way he listened to you or the way he helped a friend in need. If you say these kinds of appreciative words in front of his friends and family, he will love it even more. There’s nothing quite like praise in front of an audience.

2. Tell Him You Love Him The Way He Is
An adult man is not an amorphous piece of potential for you to shape. He’s an adult man who wants to hear few things more than that you love him exactly as he is and that he needs no “improvements.”

Sure, an effective relationship requires two people to be invested in learning and growing but you still have to love him for who he is and not what he can potentially be or who you think he needs to be.

3. Tell Him He Makes You Proud
You’re with this man and not another because, amongst the many other things that attracted you to him, there is something that makes you proud. Yes, proud to be with him. It could be his knowledge in an area or his capacity for compassion or anything really. So tell him you’re proud of him. He’d love to hear it.

4. Tell Him Being With Him Adds to Your Happiness
You’re with him because he adds something to your life. He may not be sure about how he makes you feel and as we all know. Sadly, men are not mind readers, so let him know he makes you happy. Of course, no man is responsible for your happiness though you’ve got a kind and loving man in your life who’s good to you, let him know it. This will make him feel good.

5. Tell Him He Is Useful
Evolution is a process but men still like to feel useful and they like to hear it from you. Yes, we’re perfectly capable of taking care of everything ourselves, but is it worth it when you can outsource stuff you don’t exactly enjoy or just to lighten the load? He’ll appreciate knowing he’s useful to you and take it as a compliment.

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