If Your Boyfriend Is Doing These Things, He Will Marry You In The Future

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Things he will be doing if he will marry you

Women of nowadays are so insecure while dating men because of their past experiences with other men. Maybe, the man impregnated the woman and dumped her or the man cheated on her with another woman. This has made women profile men as players and lairs who can’t tell the truth. In fact many women are torn whether to love with all their hearts or to just stay and wait for what will happen.

But with the help of this article you will get to know if a man is ready to marry you or not. Below are some of the ways to know if a man is ready to marry you;

1. He Defends You All the Time
Some of his friends, relatives, etc may not like you. His brothers, sisters or mother may try to advice him to dump you. He should be there for you and defend you.

2. Your People Are His People
If a man is ready to marry you, he will build a strong relationships with your people.
He will respect them and come to their aid when in need. He also won’t say bad things about them.

3. He Buys You Durable House Holds
If your boyfriend does this, then you are in his future. The logic is he is buying durable things like chairs and sofa sets because he will be there to use them.

4. Talks About The Future Plans With You
A man who is ready to marry you will be talking in a future continuous tense. If he says, “we will be going for holidays, travelling or go to church together,” that’s an indicator you are in his future.

5. He Can Do Anything For You
He should be able to take you to the moon and back. He can buy you a car of your dream, a dress of choice and anything you want if he’s able financially.


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