If Your Girlfriend Has These Six Qualities In Her, You Must Marry Her – No 1 Is Very Important

Marriage can simply means the legally or formally recognized union of two people as partners in a personal relationship (historically and in some jurisdictions specifically a union between a man and a woman).

Men are amazing and the fact is that a good man must always want the right women. Because they love Good things. The fact is that if you are a man, you will always want the right woman with the Good qualities. Below are some qualities you must consider before marrying a woman;

1. She Is God Fearing
Just like it is said and written, the beginning of knowledge is the fear of God. Therefore, a woman who doesn’t have knowledge, the fear of the Lord may perish, because his people are distroy not because of Satan, but because of lack of Knowledge. Marry a God fearing woman and never leave her, because you surely do have the right person.

2. She Sharpens You
The Bible says Iron Sharpeneth Iron. Therefore, a woman who isn’t an Iron woman can not sharpen your Iron because to be an Iron Woman is to be a woman of Faith. To be a woman who believes in the things hoped for. This is very important because there’s a actually not future without faith for the future. You can not live above your Faith level which is true. And your woman must be a woman of Faith.

3. She Has No Pride
Pride is one of the importants factors that we need to look into. Is truth that God elbows the proud. When ever you try to be proud he resist you, and you will actually think someone actually laid a curse on you.

4. She Doesn’t Nag
It’s very true that most women nag, it is preferable you find a humble woman who doesn’t Nag and Never leave her alone. Never leave a woman who doesn’t Nag.

5. She Doesn’t Keep Grudges
A woman who keeps grudges may not really go far with you but take you back. Holding grudges is actually holding something behind, when you actually do have something just in front of you to achieve. It is surely truth that grudges don’t really make people go far in life. Please if you have a woman who doesn’t keep grudges, don’t leave her, it’s very important.

6. She Heeds to Your Advice
The way you want your woman to be is the way you advice her to be, the truth is that if you have not been couching your woman, then you have not been giving her insights of how you want her to be. A man’s instructions to his woman is what he pictures his woman to be.

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  2. If the wife can’t tell you what business is doing and in her business no profit is seen

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