If Your Lover Says Any Of These Four Things To You, You Must Never Marry Him

Relationship is a situation in which two people spend time together or live together, and have romantic or s*xual feelings for each other.

Relationship conflicts are always issues to worried about. This can result from break up due to irreconcilable differences such as words said or acts done.

Having to date a new person after a breakup is always a nervous decision. Always keep watch of what your guy says. Below are some of the things your guys mustn’t say; TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

1. Saying He Finds You to Be Dramatic

When your man says you are dramatic, he simply means you are crazy and not thinking clearly. This is a man who is not really to help you solve any problem you have and he is ignoring your emotions. Julia Austin explains how these word is hurting.

2. Let’s Take a Break

If he says this, your man simply mean that he is done with you but he is not sure of how to break up with you.

3. You Are My Everything

This sounds so romantic though. But it means that your guy does not have anything besides you and is, therefore, requesting for your full attention. This man seems romantic but will be an obsession, in the long run, depriving you space for personal attention. Annie F explains.

4. Let’s Talk About That Later

When a guy says this, he simply means he is not interested in that conversation and hopes you forget about it. He will appear he will talk later which may not be the case.

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