If Your Partner Has These Six Attitudes, He Is The Right One Sent By God For You

signs he is the right man for you

Every woman’s prayer is to marry a God fearing, good looking responsible guy. If you are faithful to God, you will probably be waiting for that guy whom the heaven has sent for you cause having the wrong partner in your relationship is not something to be taken lightly. It can break your heart, and worse, it can ruin your life, your future and even the people who are relying on you.

Love is a journey. And just like any other journeys, you have to choose the right path to achieve happiness and success. To guide you in recognizing the man sent by God for you, Below are some signs that you should watch out for;

1. He Speaks The Words Of God
The man that comes from God speaks the words of God. Hence, listen carefully to his words. Are his words or messages in agreement to what God teaches us? Does he speak wisdom or foolishness? We know that God speaks about love, kindness, compassion, patience and truthfulness. So if a guy is speaking of the opposite, then obviously he is not from Him.

2. He Is a True Gentleman
The guy from God is not only physically gentle, but he is also gentle with your mind and heart. In other words, he is considerate with your feelings and he understands your thoughts to make sure he will not hurt you physically, emotionally and mentally.

3. He Practices What He Speaks
Words are futile without actions. So even though a man speaks the words of God, if he doesn’t practice them, you can conclude that he’s only pretending and not really the guy sent to you by the Heavens.

4. He Honors And Respects You
Your guy should know how to respect you as a woman and as person. He should honour you rather than put you in shame.

5. He Makes Sacrifices
If a man truly loves you, he will also make sacrifices for you. It may not be a divine sacrifice like what God did, but it can be some sacrifices to save you or your relationship, like sacrificing his own ambition, material possessions and other important stuff. You should know what this means.

6. He Doesn’t Lie
Of course God will not send you someone who is a liar. God detests lying

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