If Your Partner Is Lying to You, You Will Notice These Four Things

Things that happens when your partner is lying

Lies build distrust in relationships. It is tough to date someone who is ever lying to you. A relationship where lies are common is like a house of cards. A good partner will always speak the truth no matter the circumstances. Below are what you will notice if your partner is lying to you;

1. He/she Will Behave Strangely Whenever She/ He Wants to Tell Lie
When you notice unexpected changes in his or her body language, know that lies are on the way.

2. His or Her Body Language Speaks Different Things
A sudden change in your partner’s body language could mean he or she is telling a lie.
Most liars change the looks on their faces to hoodwink you.

3. His/Her Stories Do Not Add Up
Lies are never consistent. If your partner is a liar, all of his or her stories never make sense.
Most of the liars exaggerate things hence making it difficult to trust them.

4. He/She Goes Missing In Action More Often
Liars never want anyone to understand them.
Your partner is a pathological liar if he/she is ever missing in action whenever you need him or her. These people’s lives are full of lies, and you can never understand them.

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