I’m a Christian, I Want to Convert to Muslim Because Our Pastors Today Are Not Telling Us the Truth We Need to Know – Is It a Sin?

I'm a Christian I Want to Convert to Muslim

This is my humble opinion, am a Christian I want to convert myself to Islam, is it a sin?. I want an answer to my question and below is my reasons for asking this question.

Looking at everything happening in the world today, I came in suggestion that, as a Christian I want to convert myself to Islam and before I do that I have to ask a question is it a sin?, to convert to Islam, because some of our pastors today are not telling us the truth we need to know. Look at them they can’t even give out palliative to their church members rather, they will find out a way for their members to pay for offerings and other money related stuff online.

But please is it the way to go as a Christian?, don’t they know how to give, must it be the members suppose to be giving them all the time. Can’t they come together and make this world a better place by giving and helping the poor people. Now take a look at Muslims they always help each other, they can’t enter a place and see their follow Muslim brother ( Islam) without helping them out.

And one thing about Muslims I love is that they believe in peace and progress, not only that, although, in Islamic traditions, there are many names attributed to him, God is the proper, all comprehensive name. Muslims believe that God is shapeless and does not resemble his creations. “Nothing is like him in any way,” the Quran states. God does not exist in one single place and is dimensionless, omnipotent, and omnipresent.

Islam also recognised Christians as their follow brothers but some Christians don’t believe that, they only see Islam as bad people or even killers, but is not true. Those killing people in the name of Islam are people that are trying to spoil the image of Islam and note that those people doesn’t in any way relate to Islam.

But still, I don’t see anything wrong in converting to another religion when you see that the religion you belong to is not really helping it’s members to achieve a particular goal. If you can agree with me some churches don’t marry outside their church and before you even agree to marry you must first, tell your pastor if not you won’t marry the person you want to marry.

Is it good to limit members from marrying outside the church?, don’t you know that not everyone in the church can find their soulmate in that same church, some may find the love of their life outside the church. Please don’t get confused about this, I don’t mean every church, no, not every church does that, but I can’t call their names here, but I know some people know those churches that does it.

In the church today the rich members are more valued than the poor ones, and they are well respected than the poor ones, one important thing I really love another Christianity is that, it teaches about love.

So please that is why I said, I’m a Christian I want to convert myself to Islam, is it a sin?

What’s your thought on this? Kindly drop your comments.


  1. sister it is not for to convert to islam rather it is a wise decision to make, of course in the social media you may get a lot of comments good and bad, some may offend you but all in all you are thinking about right thing. there many people who converted to islam and some of them were not only christians but well learned in christianity. You may find the stories of well learned and church learders on social media like you tube by following pages like “Muslim converts”, ” muslim reverts” etc.

  2. It is your decision, no one can dictates your life for you, but be careful let us all focus on God not religion, as all are man made. Just fear God and love him that’s all you needs.

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