I’m a Powerful Witch and I Have Formed a Coven Of Witches, Here Are What You Need to Join – Angela Nwosu Says

A lady by name Angela Nwosu has scared the hell out of netizens by insisting that she’s a witch whose powers are beyond measure.

Making a post on social media, Angela said her own witchcraft is deep, adding that she is from the river and a servant of the Great Amadioha, the god of Thunder.

She also went ahead to announce she has formed a “coven of witches” as she gave requirements to join the special cult. She also announced some witchcraft merchandise she sells that solves specific problems that everyday humans face.

Apparently oblivious of the backlash she will receive, the young lady went on to say witchcraft is not anything bad contrary to widespread perception in Africa.

Here’s what she shared;


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