I’m Married to a Beautiful Wife But I Love My Best Friend More Than My Wife and I Wish to Marry Her

Sometimes love is unpredictable; you fall in love anticipating everything will take off, but before you know it; it works in a confusing form.

Sometimes we might fall in love with our friends yet fail to persue the relationship behind our feelings in response of protecting the friendship that we have with them, knowing that you if you persue the relationship and it fails in the process we might happen to lose the friendship we have with them.

My wife is everything a man can ever desire, we’ve been together for 6 years, and we are happy yet I’m the problem, am so stuck with my childhood friend.

I can’t seem to free my childhool friend, the other day she invited me to a family function my wife couldn’t come with me, my friend and I had moments alone later after the function, we spoke about us I saw it in her eyes that she values me as a friend and nothing more yet am still failing to accept that fact Godfrey said.

There are some things we should just learn to make peace with it more specifically if you can’t change it, trying to persue it might change your life forever good or bad, if the outcome turns out bad then regret will shadow you in the days of your life don’t lose what you have over what you can never have.

For some reasons I would like to believe that I married my wife thinking it will help me get over my friend, yet I feel like am lost in my own marriage and believe me I surely don’t want to hurt my wife.

Am so tempted to tell my wife the truth yet that will break her, and I fear that if she divorce me I will be stuck alone, since the woman I love doesn’t even want to give it a try with me, I just want to find closure before I can decide to let and just focus on my marriage Godfrey concluded.

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  1. my bro fo4get of the child hood friend you hard and forcus on your marriage when u leave your wife it is a tabu and u will safer

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