“I’m so happy to be back alive” – Kenyan man says after waking up from mortuary

32 year old man, Peter Kiplangat Kigen, from Kericho County was taken to the Kipkatet Referral Hospital mortuary after he was mistakenly thought to have died, After waking up, the first word that came out from him was “I am so happy to be alive!”.

“It is a miracle that I am breathing, talking, eating and shaking my legs and arms after being pronounced dead. This is the work of God, ”he said in an interview with Nation.

He was speaking at the hospital where he continues to receive treatment, where he described his experience after finding himself lying in the middle of a corpse in a morgue.

The father of four screamed as park rangers began to cut off part of his leg in order to apply a mortuary.

“I felt terrible pain in my leg and cried out loud. It was as if I was being burned with hot metal and the pain was spreading to my bones, ”said Mr Kigeni.

Relatives, villagers and ordinary people crowded into the hospital’s men’s ward to at least see the “resurrected” man after being thrown on the cold floor of the morgue.

“I don’t know what happened before I found myself thrown into a morgue. But later I felt I was being carried on a stretcher to the ward with my body covered with plastic pipes. This, I realized, is after the climax, ”said Mr Kigen, who previously served as a matatu conductor.

It was reported that the relative fainted and was taken to the intensive care unit where doctors took an hour to help him regain consciousness.

He was later admitted to a regular men’s ward. When he collapsed for the first time in Keroncho village, Cheplanget ward, on Tuesday morning, Kigen was rushed to hospital by relatives who did not believe he would recover because he had been ill for a long time.

His relatives complained that he was not treated in the casualty ward where he stayed for several hours after fainting.

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