Increasingly hard-to-find Galaxy Buds Pro show up on Amazon with a discount

The increasingly hard-to-find Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro are currently available on Amazon and that too at a discounted price.
There is a reason why Samsung took the OG Buds Pro off the shelves from most locations shortly after introducing the Buds 2 Pro. Despite having been succeeded by new buds, the Galaxy Buds Pro are still the best hearables for someone looking for decent noise canceling, good sound, and an affordable price.
These glossy metallic earbuds have a rounded design and seal to the ear, thanks to the included silicone ear tips, and feel secure and comfortable. They can be stored in a compact but sturdy charging case with LED battery status indicators.

They boast a class-leading IPX7 rating for water resistance, which makes them good gym companions.

Each bud has a touch-sensitive panel on the side with various playback controls which work pretty smoothly and they also have Hey Bixby hands-free capabilities.

The Galaxy Buds Pro relies on the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app for many features such as noise canceling, turning on ambient sound, checking out different EQ profiles, automatic voice detection, and seamless connection for hopping between different Samsung devices.

They also offer very balanced and pleasant AKG-tuned sound and have a very good microphone which is great at isolating your voice from the environment. They also offer spatial audio support for a more immersive sound experience.

The buds can go up to 5 hours on a single charge and the case holds another 13 hours worth of juice. Without ANC, the total battery life is extended to 27 hours. Fast charging is supported and just 5 minutes of charge is enough for one hour of playback. Wireless charging is also supported.

There is also a Find My Earbuds feature that can help you locate the buds if you misplace them or someone steals them.

All in all, the Galaxy Buds Pro are admittedly not the absolute best earbuds out there, but they are a balanced mix of everything you need in earbuds and they carried a reasonable price tag of $199.99 at launch. The newer Buds 2 Pro have a smaller footprint and offer a few extras over their predecessors for $229.

And not that the $200 tag wasn’t already good enough, but the hearables are an absolute steal at the new discounted price of $139.99. Get yours before they become hard to find again


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