Instagram plans to test tall photos once again, but this time without a TikTok-like redesign (yet?)

Instagram is now going to test a new feature that will let you view photos in full screen – after once trying something similar and giving up, the company is at tall 9:16 photos yet again, reports The Verge. CEO Adam Mosseri confirmed that ultra-tall 9:16 photos will start getting tested on the social medial platform soon.

Instagram to begin testing 9:16 photos ‘in a week or two’

Right now, tall videos are a possibility to have on Instagram, but not tall photos. Mosseri stated that the company plans to start treating videos and photos equally.

The maximum right now is around 4:5 photos when displaying vertical images. However, slimmer, taller 9:16 photos will fill the entire screen of a smartphone when you scroll through your Instagram feed. You can post such tall photos, but only in Stories right now. Instagram will now be working on giving you the possibility to choose to have a tall photo published on there.

Previously, Insta tried something similar, but way more dramatic. The social media platform tried to transform the entire feed into a fullscreen interface (in an attempt to copy TikTok), which was heavily criticized, not only by photographers who disliked some overlayed elements that obscured parts of the image, but also by celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian (via CNBC). Said famous figures urged Instagram to stop copying TikTok.

After those complaints, the social media platform rolled back this change of interface. However, it seems set on having tall photos, but this time, it won’t be a mandatory change for everything on the platform.

As with other features in a testing period, this one is still not part of an official update. There is no official date set for a public release just yet.


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