Instagram Subscriptions announced: create exclusive content and increase your creator revenue

Nowadays, to be a creator on social media is almost like a real profession (and to many, it is a real profession). Because of this, Instagram has been working on giving more options to creators to make money on the social media platform, and the latest announcement coming from Mark Zuckerberg is about just that. Insta will be getting a ‘Subscriptions’ feature so creators can make more money on there (via 9to5Mac).

Instagram Subscription feature announced: creators, you can now increase your revenue on Insta

In an attempt to make the app more attractive to creators than rivals (such as TikTok), Instagram is now announcing an Instagram Subscriptions feature for creators to increase their revenue. Basically, Subscriptions allow creators to have subscriber-only content on their Insta profiles, such as exclusive Reels or posts (and why not even Exclusive Stories, something that reverse-engineer Alessandro Paluzzi has already teased that the company is working on). Via Instagram Subscriptions, creators will be able to earn more money and reward their most dedicated followers with exclusive content. The feature was first tested in January, and now tens of thousands of US creators have access to it.

But what are the best features of Instagram Subscriptions? Here are the three main things you will be able to enjoy:

First off, you get Subscribers’ chats. Those will be powered by Messenger and can be created directly from your inbox or story and will end in 24 hours. Using it, you as a creator will be able to decide when and how to engage with your paying followers. Subscriber chats can support up to 30 people.

Exclusive posts and Reels are the second cool thing you’re getting with Instagram Subscriptions. This one is pretty self-explanatory: exclusive posts and Reels can be viewed and interacted with only by subscribers.

And last but not least, creators get an exclusive tab on their profiles, where they can share exclusive content and save subscriber-only Lives.


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