Is the Galaxy Z Flip 4 waterproof?

It is the summer of the foldables! Samsung has just announced the clamshell foldable Z Flip 4, the successor of the popular Z Flip 3, bringing refinements over its predecessor across the board, including a refined hinge and a bigger battery.

Here, we’ll be talking about an important aspect of a phone, especially a foldable one – durability, and more specifically, water resistance. We’ll also explain what the IP rating that we see in the Z Flip 4 spec list means.

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Is the Z Flip 4 waterproof?

The Z Flip 4 comes with an IPX8 rating, meaning it is water-resistant, but not directly water-proof. It is protected against submersion in fresh water for up to 1.5 meters for a duration of up to 30 minutes. However, pool water, or the salty water on the beach for that matter, are dangerous for it, as it is not waterproof – better not drop it in the pool.

What does an IPX8 mean on the Z Flip 4?

IP stands for ingress protection, and there are two numbers assigned with it, the first one for dust protection, and the second one, for protection against water or moisture. The Z Flip 4 comes with an IPX8 rating.The first number after IP in the rating is related to the level of protection the device has against dust. Here, it is represented by an X, meaning the phone has not been tested against dust and there is no guarantee dust won’t damage it. Basically, it’s not dust resistant. Its predecessor, the Z Flip 3, also had the same IP rating, and a lack of dust protection is understandable given the fact that we are talking about a foldable phone here, with a hinge mechanism that could get damaged by sand, big dust particles or what have you. The second number in the Z Flip 4’s IP rating is 8, the highest water-resistance number we’ve seen on smartphones. 8 for water resistance means the Z Flip 4 can theoretically survive a submersion (in freshwater) of up to 1.5 meters, for up to 30 minutes, without being damaged. However, this doesn’t technically mean it is waterproof, and additionally, the chemically-enhanced pool water or the salty beach water are not going to be good for your new foldable phone.

With all that being said, you should theoretically be fine if you spill your water on your Flip 4 accidentally (as long as it’s not some fancy drink and not your normal water), but definitely be careful when vacationing with your shiny clamshell phone near pools or near the ocean.


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