Israel Exchanges Fire With Hezbollah As Tensions On Lebanon’s Border Escalate

Israel’s military says it has exchanged fire with gunmen linked to Lebanon’s Hezbollah militant group.

The incident on Monday afternoon represents an escalation of tension along the border shared by the two countries.

According to the Israeli Defence Force (IDF), a “terror squad” crossed the UN administered Blue Line on Israel’s northern border with Lebanon on Monday afternoon.

A spokesman for the IDF said that Israeli soldiers had “successfully thwarted an infiltration attempt… a group of terrorists crossed Blue Line. [We] monitored and tracked them.”

The spokesman said Israeli forces “engaged… with small arms and tank fire”. Artillery was also used to create a smokescreen by the IDF.

Israeli civilians living in the area were ordered indoors for an hour after the clash took place.

The Israeli Army said that the militants had crossed back across the border after the exchange of fire and that there had been no Israeli casualties.

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