It Was Glorious to Watch the Death Of the Piece Of Shit – White Man Mocks the Black Man Who Was Killed By American Police

It was good to watch him die

A Caucasian man, Sean Baker sr, as his Facebook name prescribed, has mocked the death of late George Floyd with his comment on a Facebook post. It was seen that Mr Sean Baker sr., Made a derogatory comment about the death of the black man who was killed unjustly by some white American policemen. George was 46-year-old.

Before the death of Floyd, it was heard that he pleaded with the white American policemen that he couldn’t breathe, due to the fact that one of the policemen had his left kneel placed on his neck after he was handcuffed to the ground. George gave up the ghost thereafter.

The incident went viral, on the internet and sparked wide rage of protest in the black community. The situation happened barely some hours ago before the comment of Mr Sean Baker was spotted in a white Facebook group where he mocked the death of the black man. He called him a little piece sh** and further said that he hope late George Floyd never had a child before he died.

Below is a screenshot of his derogatory comment;

Is this how heartless some people can be? Let’s leave race out of this. What about humanity? It’s the same blood that flows in our veins for Christ sake. What do you think about what this white man did? Kindly drop your comments.

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