It’s Pathetic That You’re Against Another Government Stimulus Package – Bernie Sanders Slams Elon Musk

Sen. Bernie Sanders slammed Tesla CEO, Elon Musk after he tweeted that he doesn’t endorse another government stimulus package.

“What a hypocrite. Elon Musk has received billions in corporate welfare from US taxpayers. Now he wants to stop 30 million Americans who lost jobs from receiving $600 a week in unemployment benefits, while his wealth has gone up by $46.7 billion over the past 4 months,” Sanders said in a tweet. “Pathetic.”

Earlier on Friday, Musk said only direct payments should be included in a new relief bill.

“Another government stimulus package is not in the best interests of the people imo,” he said on Twitter.

In addition to potential stimulus payments, the bill will likely include some type of extended unemployment benefits. The plan also sets aside funds for testing and expanded aid to small businesses by easing the terms of the Paycheck Protection Program.

Musk’s remarks come not long after the US exceeded 4 million coronavirus cases. The country leads the world in COVID-19 related deaths with over 145,000 deaths reported.

Cases continue to surge as a financial provision of an additional $600 weekly unemployment bonus is set to expire at the end of this month.

Business Insider previously reported that the unemployment bonus and the $1,200 stimulus checks likely helped keep 12 million Americans out of poverty.

An analysis of 44,000 employees found that thousands of who fall below Teslas $58,000 median salary likely benefitted from unemployment bonuses and the stimulus check, Business Insider previously reported.

Sanders pointed out that Musk’s wealth grew during the pandemic.

Musk’s wealth is expanding, and Reuters reported that he’s close to “unlocking a $2.1 billion payout from Tesla” from an elaborate compensation agreement. Business Insider reported that he’s on his way to being “Jeff Bezos-level wealthy.”

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