Ladies Will Never Tell Guys These Secrets No Matter How Deep They Fall In Love

Secrets ladies will never tell guys

Secrecy is the practice of hiding information from certain individuals or groups who do not have the “need to know”, perhaps while sharing it with other individuals.

There are a lot of secrets ladies will never tell guys and that’s what we will be unveiling in this article. I’m sure lots of guys out there want to know one or two things ladies always keep as secret. Below are 8 secrets ladies will never tell guys;

1. They cry on petty things.

2. They watch p0rn, they just sometimes don’t admit it.

3. They love it when you play with thier hair. Detangle it.

4. They don’t like a guy always complaining about women being Gold diggers. They believe that not everyone is the same.

5. They love the gesture when you take time from your busy schedule and still talk to them for just 10 minutes, before sleeping. Basically, They love it when you come out from your comfort zone and do something for them.

6. They notice everything about you. your behavior with other girls, waiter, opinions about life and the future.

7. They love deodorant you wear, They always check on your dressing sense.

8. They love hugs and roses. No matter how cliche it looks. They do.

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