Latest Cheat On How To Get Unlimited Data In 2019 For Free

First of all let me welcome you all to another moment of free browsing / uimited data. Yeah, But this time around, we’ll be using this new app called Dent to top-up our MTN, Airtel, Glo or 9Mobile lines with unlimited data for free from any countries in the world, Irrespective of the network you’re using. Before now, we’ve been using apps like Opera NewsTopup Africa, Mcent browsers and few other apps to enjoy free airtime and data, but I assure you this new one is 100% better than those already known apps mentioned above.

Firstly, What Is Dent App?

Dent is an app that helps you topup data for friends or family and also allow you earn free data of any network. You can buy “Dents” or refer friends to earn them for free, then you can redeem your Dents as data.

How Does It Works

Immediately you sign up, the app gives you 235 dents or more which you can withdraw as data worth 200MB or more to any network. You can get more Dents by inviting your friends using your referral link, then convert it to more data.

How To Get Free Data Using The Dent App

* Firstly, Download Dent App here for Android devices.

* Now sign-up using your Facebook profile, Google profile or your email address.

* Once done, you will receive free 235 Dents which is equivalent to (200MB) on any networks.

* Click on “Invite Now” to get your referral link and start sharing with people to download the app and as they download, you’ll continue to get more dents and that’s definitely more data.

* And another way to earn more dents is by performing some tasks on the Dent App like watching online videos or by downloading some apps.

How To Withdraw Dents To Data

Its easy, to redeem your Dents, simply type your phone number with your country code in front into the “Send Data To “ box in this format (+2347000000000) then choose the data amount you want to redeem and the data will be sent to your simcard instantly!

So, what are you waiting for? Act fast, download the app and start getting unlimited data to browse and download on any networks of your choice for free.

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