Latest Daily 200MB Cheat On Airtel, Airtel Free Browsing Cheat August 2021

Latest Daily 200MB Cheat On Airtel

Today I bring to you the latest working airtel daily 200mb browsing cheat with Ha TunnelPlus. The 200mb browsing cheat can be used by all Airtel subscribers to browse and download anything from their favorite websites.

This airtel cheat is easy to connect and fast when browsing with it. All you’ll be needing to make it work is provided in this article, kindly follow up.

Airtel 200Mb Daily Browsing Cheat With Ha Tunnel Plus 2021

As earlier said, this cheat is capped at 200mb daily, it works perfectly on any airtel simcard, be it 3G or 4G sim. Just follow the simple instructions below and enjoy your daily 200mb browsing cheat on Airtel.

How to Activate Airtel Daily 200mb Browsing Cheat On Your Phone

1. Get your airtel sim ready, whether 3G or 4G sim.
2. Download Ha Tunnel Plus Here or update the one you have on your phone

3. To use the 200mb freebrowing trick you need to download the below 4 configuration files.

* Airtel 50mb
* Airtel 50mb bypass
* Airtel 50mb plus
* Airtel Opera 50mb

4. Now launch the Ha Tunnelplus, then tap on import Config file.
5. Locate the Config files you downloaded from this blog and click on it to import.
6. Next step is to tap on the Connect button to Start a connection.

Boom, you’re connected and you’re good to enjoy daily 500mb freebrowsing on your airtel sim.

Notes: Each file is capped at 50mb per day, so when you finished one, switch to another till you finish all the four files.

* Password of the files is: CruzTech

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