Latest Freebrowsing Cheat 2018, How To Browse Unlimitedly For Free With Ntel Sims

UPDATE: It’s working again for the next 24 hours.
Hello guys, rush now and go and get your Ntel SIM to enjoy this unlimited free browsing as fast as possible.

Yea, Ntel lines are now browsing for free as at the time of publishing this post, there was downtime for about 48 hours but Ntel sent apology message to customers promising to fix it but surprisingly, since morning Ntel SIMs has been browsing free.

No special settings needed, no vpn, no configuration. Just Insert your SIM in mifi, modem or mobile and flex while it lasts. You can use your mifi to Power your smartphones and PC for unlimited browsing. No Dulling!!!

So what are you waiting for, hurry now, get your Ntel SIM where you dropped it and start browsing while this loophole still exists because it may be blocked anytime from now.

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