Latest MTN 0.0KB Freebrowsing Cheat For Septemter, New Mtn Cheat 2019

Here comes another free browsing on mtn and this time it works on 24clan VPN. This 24clan VPN isn’t the one we know but a new one which is the green version – 24Clan VPN Green Edition.

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This VPN makes you connects faster, so, you will be connected with easy and continue enjoying your daily free 50MB data.

Tweakware VPN also connects but i will suggest this as an alternative whenever it turns you down. Now let’s get it started.

1. An Android phone
2. MTN 3G or 4G sim without active data
3. 24clan VPN Green Edition

How To Configure 24clan VPN Green Edition For MTN Cheat
➤ Download 24clan vpn HERE

➤ Install and launch,

➤ Navigate to Tweaks, select MTN 0.0k Free server

➤ Lastly, tap on the CONNECT button,

➤ Wait for about 10 seconds for it to connect,

➤ When it’s CONNECTED, minimize the VPN and START BROWSING.

1. This cheat is not unlimited, as it’s capped at about 50MB or more per day(Varies).

2. You’re liable to frequent disconnections and reconnections due to server overload. Enjoy while it lasts!!

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  1. But there is another VPN that has more pre installed configurations that this 24clan Green Edition.Check it here👇👇👇

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